Local Art

Leelyn Law LLC is a proud supporter of local art and craft. Creativity enriches culture, community, and quality of life, and we are pleased to use our office space to highlight the creative work of talented Western Mass artists. Stop in soon to enjoy our Office Art Collaborative where we provide local artists temporary exhibition space to display their work. This session’s artist is Sarah Adam of Madsahara.

Sarah Adam is a visual artist, self-published illustrator, painter, and graphic designer. As a painter, Sarah has found some respite from her illustration and design duties by focusing on creating whimsical, colorful abstracts and landscapes, using silhouettes and patterns created by both natural and manufactured objects. Her paintings are primarily acrylic on canvas, wood, and found surfaces. Her themes include foreboding forests, tranquil snowy landscapes, and abstract formations merging underwater life and outer space. Her recent work is an amalgamation of silhouettes, cosmic skies, and loosely brushed landscapes.


The daily commute continues to be an inspiration to the artist, as the simple scenery of the north Quabbin to southern Vermont regions give way to rolling hills and shadows against intense sunsets. Energetic brushwork hints at landscapes with tall pines and tree dotted hills, then blurs away at 40 mph. A bright palette of warm earth against agitated skies is both haunting and cautionary. When she’s not painting, Sarah creates miniature homes, explores the woods, photographs graveyards, rides her bike, and draws comics.


Stop in today to see her work at our South Deerfield office or get in touch with Sarah directly through her website, on Instagram, or Facebook.

If you’d like us to consider your work for exhibition, please head here to review our guidelines and submit an application.