Local Art

Leelyn Law LLC is a proud supporter of local art and craft. Creativity enriches culture, community, and quality of life, and we are pleased to use our office space to highlight the creative work of talented Western Mass artists. Stop in soon to enjoy our Office Art Collaborative where we provide local artists temporary exhibition space to display their work. This session’s artists are Marjorie Morgan and Whitney C. Robbins of Woolly Mammoth.

Woolly Mammoth works are created collaboratively by the artists Marjorie Morgan and Whitney C. Robbins. Each piece of art is made instinctually and is offered up, with no strings attached, as a collaboration to be added on to (or subtracted from) with the intention of resolving the problems that each individual piece presents. Compositions change drastically, colors pop and new subjects are revealed in this spontaneous process of image making.


Marjorie Morgan is an artist who grew up in Vermont and currently lives and works in Western Massachusetts. For 27 years, Ms. Morgan created, performed and taught in the fields of dance and performance. An injury in 2011 necessitated a shift to new modes of expression, and she has focused primarily on painting and printmaking since then. Marjorie is a member of the Oxbow Gallery in Northampton and she teaches in the “Happy Valley” at Woolly Mammoth Studio and Snow Farm.

Whitney C. Robbins is a visual artist, idea chaser, art coach, former middle school teacher, journal keeper, and avid hockey player. She comes from a long line of naturalists. She has been taking photos and making art since she could hold a chubby crayon and dance with a wooden pull toy. She shares her life with her wonderful collaborator and soulmate, Marjorie Morgan.


Stop in today to see their works at our South Deerfield office or get in touch with Whitney and Marjorie directly by emailing woollymammothstudio [at] gmail [dot] com, through Whitney’s Website or Instagram or Marjorie’s Website or Instagram.

If you’d like us to consider your work for exhibition, please head here to review our guidelines and submit an application.