Medicine and LawFailures in Pain Management:  The Collision of Law and Medicine earned a nomination for the prestigious Burton Award for Legal Achievement.  The publication explores the myriad of ways the United States’ war on drugs has stymied the effective treatment of chronic pain.  Since its publication, a number of legal and medical scholars have cited it in their subsequent evaluation of related topics.


Penal ImplantsPenal Implants: Transsexuals (Mis)Housed in the Criminal Justice System, written in 2005, examines the dilemmas prison and jail officials face when housing transsexual inmates.  Detailing the conditions these inmates endure, nearly always without redress, Leelyn’s article provides a model for prisons and jails to follow that obviates these dilemmas and conditions.  It earned second place in Lavender Law’s national writing competition.


60657246Though still a work in progress, Surprise! It’s a Dad:  Artificial Insemination and Accidental Paternity, delineates legal pitfalls associated with artificial insemination, including parental rights of the birth mother’s partner or spouse and donor’s rights and obligations.