'Knowledgeable, courteous, prompt and effective! “Attorney Leelyn represented our family in seeking redress for a damaged product sold to us as undamaged. We were extremely pleased with the help she rendered. She was thoroughly versed in the relevant law, and she offered clear options regarding choices that we might pursue. Her contact with the seller’s attorney was clear, concise and respectful. It beautifully represented our claim within the framework of Massachusetts law. Ms. Leelyn established and maintained an excellent and productive relationship with the other attorney throughout the negotiations. At each significant point of choice, she came to us and then followed our stated preferences. She explained likely ramifications of various courses of action and then honored our decisions. We really appreciated her problem-solving style. She was clear about details of the law, and she helped us understand how to keep things clean and simple. She was never belligerent with us or the opposing attorney. She kept the process flowing; it never languished. Her pricing was fair and fully within industry standards. We liked her specifying her use of time to the six-minute level and her having us establish an escrow account from which payments would be drawn. It all worked very smoothly, and we were pleased with the out-of-court outcome, which entailed an appropriate settlement amount and limitations. We were again to need legal help in pursuing a damages claim, we would unquestionably turn to Attorney Leelyn. We recommend her enthusiastically and unconditionally.”

“I believe there is nothing more valuable than having my affairs legally protected and in order. I have had the opportunity to use the services of several attorneys, both in California and Massachusetts. I have used Leelyn Law on a number of occasions and found Attorney Leelyn to be extremely thorough, expedient, affordable, knowledgeable, conscientious, and easy to work with. I won’t hesitate to use her for any of my future legal needs. ”

“Thank you again for your excellent work on our behalf. You were always prompt clear, well-versed in the law, a fine negotiator- and fun to work with, to boot. We are very pleased to have had your strong voice representing our interests.”

images (1)“Words cannot express how grateful I am for the professional, efficient way you handled my case…Thanks again for all the work you did in resolving this. I am happy it turned out so well!”

“Thank you so very much for the skillful, careful and very compassionate work that you did for us. I am so grateful that we have a safe and beautiful place to live. You were the last piece that made that possible. Thank you.”

“Attorney Leelyn is incredibly thorough and clear. I hired her to do my will, trust, PoA and Health care proxy, as well as representing me in an auto accident. She communicated pro-actively with me, keeping me informed every step of the way and helped me understand and sort out my goals so that I could make the right choices for myself and my family. She has the utmost integrity and is without a doubt an excellent attorney.”

“I never thought I would need to hire a lawyer and had no experience with the process when I contacted Shannan. She spent a good amount of time with me on the phone explaining the whole process very clearly, gave me an opportunity to ask questions, and didn’t charge me until we signed a contract together. I never got the feeling that she was trying to sell me her services; instead I felt like she really wanted me to understand my options and make a good decision. That same attitude carried through all our interactions. Shannan was smart as a whip and it was clear that she had my back, but she also respected my decisions and did not push things that would cause further conflict. Shannan was patient and thorough in answering my questions, and she always gave me (and stuck to) a timeline for when she would send me materials. The documents she wrote were very professional and beautifully done. I would contact Shannan in an instant if I ever need to hire a lawyer again. ”

Update your Will “Shannan is a lawyer to my wife and I who as same-sex married spouses in Massachusetts needed some extra protecton for our recent home refinancing. Shannan knew exactly what to do. We’ve also had her draw up our wills and it was a snap. She is professional and very very knowledgable about civil rights law. I would not hesitate to refer anyone I know to utilize her excellent services.”

“Almost always available and, when not available, returned calls very quickly. Kept me informed as to the status of my case, and treated me with utmost respect. “